ADD:Kailian Road, Chenggang Street, Laizhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong

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Standard brakes

  • Nearly 2,000 varieties
  • Efficient, scientifically new development model
  • Strict precision controlled opening

Perforated slotted brake

  • Enhanced braking effect
  • Improve the cooling efficiency of the brake surface
  • Reduce the disk body weight...

U.S. special spray delivery

  • High corrosion resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, thin coating
  • Free Cr6 +, clean and green

Phosphate treatment

  • The product surface of a stable phosphate film is formed
  • Effectively improve the corrosion resistance
Laizhou Deming Machinery Fittings Factory, located in Laizhou City, Shandong Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, was established in 1998. With a nearly 13,000...